Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5 Fears
1. Death
2. Being alone
3. Letting the people that I love down
4. The dark
5. Edward Scissorhands.......One of the main reasons I will not be alone in the dark...I can just imagine him chasing me to cut me....it gives me the chills just thinking about it...

5 Joys
1. My friends
2. Being around all my family and doing things with them.
3. Snowmobiling/boating those kind of things
4. Playing soccer.
5. Traveling and seeing the world especially Brasil

5 obsessions/collections
1. Oh man I think music is a big obsession I have always had
2. watching movies....I love them
3. I have decided I want to start collecting money from everywhere that I go. That is other countries!
4. Taking pictures...I have to take pictures with everything because maybe one day I will have Alzheimer's and not remember a thing
5. I am starting to think I am getting an obsession with tattoos..

5 surprising facts about you
1. I hate getting in trouble...I know that is stupid but serious I worry way to much!!!
2. I do absolutely nothing with my life right now.
3. hahaha I can fix pretty much anything....does not matter if it needs glue, touch up, sewing, hahah I can do it all.
4. I am really really really afraid of the dark....
5. I might be moving to Florida to go play soccer again with one of my friends...

1 comment:

Jordan Roberts said...

Oh Bre! You crack me up!! I'm so glad I can keep up on your life now!! Just promise me you won't get SO obsessed with tattoo's that in 10 years you look like Al Gyer! Ha ha! I'm just teasing you!! Love ya!