Wednesday, October 29, 2008

wisdom teeth

Only one word for this topic....OVERRATED.....I was complained about the teeth coming in but if I knew the pain I would have getting them out I would not mind chewing on my cheek every once in awhile. On top of the I get this lovely cold. I am on antibiotics I am not suppose to get sick. Anyways I get sick and feel like crap. Today is hte first day I have made it to school the WHOLE day and I have this lovely yellow bruise on the side of my face. Totally attractive might I add. Then I cough cough and cough. Really do I have this bad of luck???


Anonymous said...

I just got my wisdom teeth out this last summer. Me & Curtis got them out the same day, so it was nice to see someone else going through the same pain as I was. I definitely agree with you about just leaving them in, but now that I have them out, I wouldn't go back.

~Lacey Lou~ said...

Bre!! I just found your blog! Sorry to hear about all your knee stuff, i can relate with my back problems. Definantly not fun! But i'm glad to hear you'll get to play again!! You are awesome and hope things stay good for you!! You can check out my blog if you'd like! it's

Jordan Roberts said...

YAHOO!! I found your blog sista!! I'm so happy!! Hope you had a good Halloween! And about the wisdom teeeth. I had mine out, it was the worst experience of my life! I'm sorry!!