Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tag...I'm it....

Here are the rules:

1. Go to your pictures.

2. Upload the 4th picture from the 4th folder

3. Post (explain?)

4. Tag your friends

This is going to be scary because I am not on my laptop that has all of my own pictures.....So lets see what I come up with hahah...

hahah.....Well lets see, that is me in the white with the lovely yellow brace on my knee....I was playing in a game against Barton I think. Looks like I totally schooled this girl, but what is new...hahah jk...but That is pretty much it.....
I tag,
Amber and Heather.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My bulldog

So my mom got this dog in like March...He is a monster...He chews on everything...I just thought I would share a picture of him. I wish I could get a recent one he is much bigger and his underbite has gotten worse..hahah....His name is Tucker...
5 Fears
1. Death
2. Being alone
3. Letting the people that I love down
4. The dark
5. Edward Scissorhands.......One of the main reasons I will not be alone in the dark...I can just imagine him chasing me to cut gives me the chills just thinking about it...

5 Joys
1. My friends
2. Being around all my family and doing things with them.
3. Snowmobiling/boating those kind of things
4. Playing soccer.
5. Traveling and seeing the world especially Brasil

5 obsessions/collections
1. Oh man I think music is a big obsession I have always had
2. watching movies....I love them
3. I have decided I want to start collecting money from everywhere that I go. That is other countries!
4. Taking pictures...I have to take pictures with everything because maybe one day I will have Alzheimer's and not remember a thing
5. I am starting to think I am getting an obsession with tattoos..

5 surprising facts about you
1. I hate getting in trouble...I know that is stupid but serious I worry way to much!!!
2. I do absolutely nothing with my life right now.
3. hahaha I can fix pretty much anything....does not matter if it needs glue, touch up, sewing, hahah I can do it all.
4. I am really really really afraid of the dark....
5. I might be moving to Florida to go play soccer again with one of my friends...