Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My weekend

Well lets just say I had a really good weekend...Even though Friday I did not do anything Saturday sure did make up for it..I got a text from my lovely cousin lacie asking me if I wanted to go to the demolition derby with her and the rest of my cousins so of course I said yes. I went and hurry and bought my ticket and then came back and got ready...We then made our way to a few stores to buy our stock for the night..The night started at 530 with a lovely drink of bananas as we made our way to the derby we moved onto mango...and lets say I had a lot of fun that night...hahaha between laughing and running into a few people from highschool it was a great night I am so happy i finally got out to do something..I don't remember much of the derby itself but i do remember cutting my toe open trying to win a 5 dollar bet....which i lost horribly and suffered getting all of the skin taken off my big toe....Yes it is still tender...and because i was complaining i ended up getting my shin kicked by lacie thank you very much...:P well 2 bottles of rum down and half a bottle of 99 bananas it was finally a night...When I finally got to go home i realized I accidentally locked myself out of my room...hahahah well since i do not have a way to open it I must climb through my window...well i was not in the best condition so my cute mom helped me and got up the ladder and climbed through my window for me at 1am what a champ hahaha....Well the next day i took my time to recuperate and relax....


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Chase and Lacie said...

Ha ha, I laughed while reading all of that. Oh man what a fun night that was for sure!! We will have plenty more of them, I can't wait for this weekend we will have a blast!!! :)